2B HUB is a Workspace Community for Impact Innovators and Investors.

The hub serves as a network for innovators of impact, a platform for collaboration and to encourage significant investments in Israel’s impact business community. The new expanded complex provides a unique platform for social investment funds, self-employed investors, investors, innovators start-ups and franchisees, to connect and create better impact-minded businesses. 2b Hub offers the first community platform of its kind in Israel. 2B-HUB will be spread over an area of ​​1000 square meters and will include about 30 offices (of different sizes), 12 Open Space stands, 3 meeting rooms and a central space for events and conferences. The 2B-HUB complex provides all the accompanying services and provides the highest professional needs, all of which are included in the cost of the rental and at no additional cost.

Elevation Academy

Elevation is a forward-thinking educational operating system that provides tech training, professional development and career opportunities.

Our mission is to improve people’s life time employability by helping them learn the most in-demand skills, tools and best practices that will help their career grow and evolve.

Mama Guru

Mama Guru is Israel’s first consumer club for mothers and families based entirely on the wisdom of motherhood.

One of our goals is to make it easier for young families to reduce the cost of living.Mama Guru club enables mothers to obtain information on diverse products, authentic opinions from mothers and to purchase products at attractive prices.

Our club is built of a unique concept of a social club. Alongside the site, there is an active Facebook community of more than 220,000 women, whose goal is to serve as a platform for every personal dilemma and consumer issue.

Our site provides a wide solution in one place for all the needs of mothers and women, except for products, women can find unique content on the site.

In addition, the site is a trading platform for brands that want to sell to an audience of mothers and young families.Our community also has a credit card that provides benefits for families.


Partners & Co

Partners & Co – Work spaces & community exclusively designed and dedicated for attorneys. Our vision is to create a professional lawyers community and provide it with the amenities of a leading law firm.

Mentoring program – The lawyers are accompanied by leading mentors from the Israeli legal world – senior partners in Israel’s leading law firms, retired judges, academics, marketing consultants, public relations and publicity professionals, business people and more.

Community – Each of the lawyers will be entitled to one mentoring hour per month, and in return he will invest 3 probono hours a month in consulting and representing disadvantaged populations in the Israeli periphery (cooperation with YEDID – the Israeli association for community empowerment).


Urban Regeneration Fund

The Impact – This project addresses systemic issues around affordable housing and underdeveloped, underserved neighborhoods in Israel.

This project focuses on innovative housing solutions that build communities, provide security, and upgrade infrastructure in order to provide residents with opportunities for an improved and affordable quality of life. The decision to focus on affordable housing was driven by a deep understanding of the unique needs of young adults, families and the Israeli real estate market. HADARIM’s vision is to enable urban renewal in low-income and underprivileged neighborhoods across Israel by collaborating with municipalities and local mission-driven communities. HADARIM will act as a pilot program, creating a toolkit and pathway for future urban renewal projects across Israel. Its first region of focus is Haifa, where it will work to provide lasting impact to the city, the local community and eventually, Israeli society at large.


A training firm using the unique debriefing and learning methodologies of Israel’s Air Force in the fields of education, medicine and business. “SHAMAYM” was established by Air Force veterans, headed by CEO Ofir Paldi and (volunteer) Chairman Eliezer Shkedi (Former Air Force Commander and Former El-Al CEO), with the aim of having a positive influence on society and assimilating a new cultural discourse.

The Company has been active for 3 years and since has doubled itself in terms of growth each year. ‎10% of the Company’s profits are allocated to subsidizing the activity in the field of education.

The connection between 2B-Community and the “SHAMAYM” Company stems from a mutual desire for cultural change in Israeli society by assimilating personal responsibility and learning from mistakes as leverage for success and excellence.


(Better, Preferential – Hebrew). A credit card-based consumer club for the community of people with disabilities in Israel, which numbers at around 1 million people. This is the first time that such a product come to the Israeli market. “ADIF” launched in April 2017, it aims to reduce the cost of living for people with disabilities as well as enable them to access services and unique products that were previously unavailable to them (e.g. health insurance).

The venture is led by Shlomi Avraham, former CEO of “Chever”, and the partners include The Umbrella Organization of the Disabled, Isracard and Hapoalim Bank.

Additionally, ADIF allocates a significant share of its profits to social causes through the “Social Shares” Model developed by 2B-Community; 51% of the profits shall be transferred to a coalition of non-profits in the field.


Co.Co was founded in 2013 by Dalia Kapuza and Tsafra Perlmuter, both having decades of experience in fashion design and management. CO.CO | Collective Collection is the first online fashion retailer based on crowd funding.  The customers help create each new collection by voting on designs and offering their own design ideas. This fashion-democracy enables the combination of cooperation and crowd wisdom and allows Co.Co to be highly precise in what they offer, and produce only what the customers and partners actually want to purchase.

Thanks to the voting and Pre-order methods, Co.Co manufactures only clothes that its clients want to wear, therefore significantly decreasing the environmental damage caused by production, transportation and clearing of clothes that were not sold. Additionally, each client-partner has the right to choose a social cause to which 10% ‎of the Company’s profit shall be transferred to by the “social shares” mechanism. ‎

During 2016, 220 new partners joined, 12 community meetings were held in the framework of the Co.Co cultural salon, and the social cause to which the partners chose to allocate the Company’s profits was the support through scholarships of students from the Fashion Design Department of the “Shenkar” College. The planned design, voting platform and pre-order has lowered the surplus inventory to 3% instead of more than the 10%, which is common in the industry.


2B Friendly

Several years ago, four Jerusalem-based friends came to the conclusion that Israel has deep-rooted problems. They sought to resolve these problems by setting up a non-profit called “Be’Maagely Tzedek” (Hebrew: “in the circles of justice”). The organization attempts to further social justice and address social gaps in Israel by giving the Israeli public day-to-day access to a solution: The Social Mark.

The Social Mark seeks to create a norm of fairness by marking businesses that use fair practices, in order to eventually create a consumer preference for businesses that carry the Social Mark.

The Social Mark was founded to promote profound social justice in Israel. At its root lies the assumption that a large collective of people can create profound social change by pressuring corporations to promote social initiatives within the corporation and outside of it. In the last several months the organization is undergoing a deep strategic review with the goal of widening and re-starting its activity. The core idea remains the same – creating a social change through consumers – leveraging the power of the millions of consumers that make many purchases each day and that can further social justice by doing so.

Safe Lane

Safe Lane’s Mission is to significantly decrease the number of traffic related deaths and injuries through the use of an innovative application which empowers citizens to report dangerous driving.

Modern technology and the widespread use of smart phones offer a groundbreaking solution through ‘social enforcement’. Safe Lane is the only organization using innovative mobile technology, in partnership with official bodies, to decrease the number of road traffic accidents.

2B-Community is one of the main investors in the project.

Shneor Garden

The Shneor Garden was constructed for the children of Desert Shanti House, in honor of Shneor Cheshin, as a unique concept for production of events, that will ensure a fixed source of revenue for Shanti House. The Desert Shanti House provides shelter and a better future for youths at risk, in one of the most beautiful desert oases in Israel.

The garden is captivatingly beautiful, surrounded by exquisite plants, palm trees and lawns. It includes a bar, a baking taboon (oven), a well equipped kitchen, toilets, showers and all the means necessary to produce a perfect, memorable and distinctive event, ceremony or occasion.

The site is accessible to people with disabilities, and can hold events ranging from 50 to 2,000 guests.


Ze-Ze (which means “this is it” in Hebrew) is a social enterprise that creates projects with a social impact and a business model that are based on a community of young people.

Each project has an economic model. All profits return to the organization and are invested in new projects.

Ze-Ze operates several projects such as ZOT ZOT and the Street Philharmonic. ZOT ZOT is a social studio for design and printing that was established with the goal of rehabilitating women that served a jail term. The Street Philharmonic groups street musicians into a unique musical ensemble. They can work in a more organized way, at their skill level, and receive an adequate and stable salary.

2B-Community provided Ze-Ze with a loan for the establishment of sustainable social projects and serves on the organization’s advisory team.

Latet Atid

“Latet Atid” is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to give women with a poor economic standing the help they need to found a small independent business that will enable them to arrive at financial independence.

The organization works nationwide (it is a-political and universal) and surrounds each woman-entrepreneur with all she needs to support her business, including consulting, guidance, a micro-loan, training and professional support, all free and all with the goal of helping her push her business to financial success.

It sees a moral obligation in leading social activity in Israel’s society, to improve the state of weak social elements, driving a just society that affords equal opportunities to all of Israel’s social strata.

2B-Community provided a fund for Latet Atid’s micro-lending efforts. Loans are returned to 2B-Community and the interest funds some of Latet Atid’s operations.