Our Added Value

Our Added Value

We strive to invest in young, small to medium businesses, with potential for significant growth and with a turnover of over NIS 1 million a year. Usually the investment in 2B-Community is in a range of between 100 thousand dollars to 600 thousand dollars, whereby after the business due diligence checks and the signing of a letter of understanding we establish a designated partnership for every investment and raise half of the investment amount in external investors.

According to our approach, the business’ social commitment is measured by two key parameters. The first parameter is the connection between the business and the social goal with a clear link to the core of our activities, one that connects naturally to the social concept of the customers, the management and the investors. The scope of the investments allocated for a social goal must be significant to the greatest extent that the specific business model enables and in any case, no less than 10% of the profit permitted for distribution. The second parameter is receipt of the B Corp standard, a strict standard that examines the business’ ethical conduct in a wide variety of parameters that include fair employment, environmental protection, contribution to the community and more.

Our Criteria

We invest in businesses with a low-risk business model

We expect businesses to generate market returns that are common in their industry vertical

All businesses we invest in follow the B-Corp ethical code

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