About Us

2B-Community is an impact fund that invests in businesses that promote benefits for stakeholders, investors and the community in which the business is focus.

The essence of the fund is recognizing the growing strength of the business sector as an engine for spearheading social change. We believe that corporations, which are concerned with the interests of all stakeholders (entrepreneurs, consumers, workers, suppliers, investors and the community), can create both an impact and sustainable social change.

2B-Community aims to promote fundamental freedoms and equal opportunities by building cohesive consumer and business communities; communities which strengthen the sense of identity of their members; use their collective economic power to meet their needs; and which act as a platform for members of the community to promote mutual social values.

Our investment strategy is focused on two main areas: initiating and investing in credit card consumer-based communities; and in real estate investments, with an emphasis in establishing shared workspaces for professional communities that can create change in the business arena.

Our Added Value

The entrepreneurs in 2B-Community’s portfolio companies receive support from our professional and experienced staff; business development services and all the necessary tools to build the community impact structure.

Participating investors get a double benefit – financial growth and the social impact of their investments.

We believe social impact can be a real competitive advantage, and in the future, all companies will be committed to social causes.


2B-Community is a part of 2B-Group, and a sister fund to 2B-Angels, a venture fund, investing in high-growth technology companies and to 2B-Friendly, an Israeli NGO dedicated to improving society through the economic power of people by social and environmental consumerism.